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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What do you believe in?

I am in love with Jac Vanek. If you have never heard of her, definitely check out her website. I admire how for each thing she designs, whether it be a bracelet or a shirt, there is always meaning behind it. There is one of her quotes in particular that I feel has been written in script across my heart from the moment I read it. Under the image of her "believe" bracelet, J.V. writes, "I don't care what it is, but believe in something, respect the beliefs of others, and keep an open mind."

I love this quote because it opened my mind to what believing in something really means, and how our personal beliefs shape our lives and souls. Someone very close to me once said, "Personal beliefs are as unique as the person who believes them." When I first thought of my own beliefs, I came to realize that I am a more unique individual than I thought.

These are my own personal beliefs:

I believe that fresh air and good weather makes everyone happier, laughing until you cry, finding the joy in simple things, dancing by yourself, to never apologize for partying, making mistakes, singing at the top of your lungs no matter how terrible your voice is, the importance of family, horoscopes, helping others, conserving nature and admiring its simple beauty, taking chances, living in the moment, sleeping naked, depending on no one but yourself, a dog really is a man's best friend, making wishes, always exploring and taking adventures no matter how old you are, dreaming, a broken heart is one of the hardest things to endure and is impossible to get through without your best friends, heaven, natural beauty is the most beautiful, memories, being real; I believe some of life's most valuable lessons are learned at the hardest times, that love is the happiest and most important thing life has to offer, being forever young, karma will always bite (or kiss) you in the ass eventually, to be great is to misunderstood, full moons really do put people on edge, the two most important things in any relationship are honesty and respect, dancing in the rain, having no shame for the things you did wrong (as long as you learned from them), to always look out for hope, gay marriage, taking excessive amounts of pictures, to love recklessly, that no one will ever truly understand you- not even yourself, a little dirt never hurt anyone, that love really is everything it's cracked up to be, first impressions are unreliable and stupid, music speaks when words fail, we learn more from our experiences than we do from school, finding the beauty in everything, there are times when life can be hard for no reason at all, expressing yourself through fashion, our loved ones who have died have their own special way of keeping in touch, abortion, taking the time out to realize the things you do have rather than what you don't have,that sometimes the only way to stay sane is to go a little crazy, God, less is more, that sometimes a good cry is all you need, and most importantly, I believe in me.

In life, it is really our beliefs that make us come alive and help define who we are. That being said, as long as it adds passion to your life and makes you stand for something, it doesn't matter whether you believe in something complex, such as religion, or in something simple like superstition.

Never stop believing, even if you may be wrong.

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